Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Pope's Christmas message.....Bah! Humbug!

SO the Pope has given his Christmas message. I really cant believe it, especially at the time of year when the message of love should be ringing loud and clear. He sounds off about homosexuality, in quite frankly a message of hate not love. Clearly giving the signal to Christians to abuse there fellow man ( or woman ).

When are these so called Christians going to learn? Jesus' message was to love and he didn't add exceptions, in fact he actively encouraged us to reach out to everyone. After all its easy to love somebody you like, its not so easy to love someone your not so keen about.

Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, who according to Christianity, came to save us all from sin and to preach a message of love. OK, so it was pinched from Pagan celebrations but I guess that's not the point. So why oh why do Christians keep on issuing messages of hate?

The Vatican library is probably the most extensive library in the world ( incidentally it has the biggest collection of pornography too!) so why don't they use a Bible that has a more accurate translation? Jesus, nor his disciples ever spoke put against homosexuality, they spoke out against Pagans who had converted then going back to their Pagan practises and orgies, and those who where weak willed and eailsy led. These have often been translated as texts against homosexuality, and always taken out of context. The answer is they fear losing control, yes contraversial, but I feel it is true.,

I shake my head in despair and feel very sad for the thousands or indeed millions who Jesus will have never known, for those that hate in his name. I feel despair for those that will be on the receiving end of this hate. I feel pity for the ignorance of the very person who millions look towards as a spiritual leader. I hope they will be forgiven for what they do.

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