Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Pope's Christmas message.....Bah! Humbug!

SO the Pope has given his Christmas message. I really cant believe it, especially at the time of year when the message of love should be ringing loud and clear. He sounds off about homosexuality, in quite frankly a message of hate not love. Clearly giving the signal to Christians to abuse there fellow man ( or woman ).

When are these so called Christians going to learn? Jesus' message was to love and he didn't add exceptions, in fact he actively encouraged us to reach out to everyone. After all its easy to love somebody you like, its not so easy to love someone your not so keen about.

Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, who according to Christianity, came to save us all from sin and to preach a message of love. OK, so it was pinched from Pagan celebrations but I guess that's not the point. So why oh why do Christians keep on issuing messages of hate?

The Vatican library is probably the most extensive library in the world ( incidentally it has the biggest collection of pornography too!) so why don't they use a Bible that has a more accurate translation? Jesus, nor his disciples ever spoke put against homosexuality, they spoke out against Pagans who had converted then going back to their Pagan practises and orgies, and those who where weak willed and eailsy led. These have often been translated as texts against homosexuality, and always taken out of context. The answer is they fear losing control, yes contraversial, but I feel it is true.,

I shake my head in despair and feel very sad for the thousands or indeed millions who Jesus will have never known, for those that hate in his name. I feel despair for those that will be on the receiving end of this hate. I feel pity for the ignorance of the very person who millions look towards as a spiritual leader. I hope they will be forgiven for what they do.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


A Friend of mine recently put in her status on Facebook " Some people should look up the definition of friendship ". At first I took this light heartedly and put the dictionary definition in the comments section. It was my attempt at humour but it did get me questioning, just what is friendship ?

What do I think friendship is all about? I think it is someone who is there for you, even if its just a few notes on Facebook to let them know you are thinking about them. A friend is someone who checks in with you just to see how things are going. A close friend deeply cares about how your life is going and will move heaven and earth just to extend that hand of friendship when you need it the most. Sometimes this is just talking to the wee small hours in the morning even though you have work the next day.

A friend is someone you choose to be around and with, unlike your family who is always there, whether you talk to them or not. A friend is someone who becomes part of your closest circle and shares intimate details about you and never uses them against you. A friend is a good listener and a good companion. Friends come and go but all are important to your life because they shape who you are and shape the life you lead.

I also asked myself what does my friendship mean to other people? Its not an easy question to answer but it is probably at least in part the things I have already written about. It could be in one or two cases that my friendship has prevented them from taking their own life. It could be that they always have someone to turn to or simply to have a laugh or a good night out with. Maybe I will never know, all I can do is continue to be a friend.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

I'm a Trans Reverand

Now I don't want to lay claim to being the first or only Trans Man who has become a Reverend but I am the only one I know. I would love to here if there are any other Trans Reverends out their and share our experiences. Are there any Trans women who have become reverends? Anyone who considers themselves to be genderqueer? Or indeed anyone who comes under the transgender umbrella?

I find people are often surprised to hear that I am both trans and a Reverend, somehow they seem to think that the two don't go together. I say anything is possible, your faith is all important as is love. Love is the central theme to all religions and faiths and is NOT exclusive. In my mind it is all inclusive.

I realise I am opening myself up from all kinds of abuse, especially since trans issues are so totally misunderstood by many people. People often see being trans is a lifestyle choice and often that its all about sex. The label transsexual does little to help this, which is why I use trans to describe myself and those like myself.

A trans person does not wake up one day saying "you know life isn't hard enough I think I will wear a dress" nor does a trans person say" hmmm i wonder what it would be like if I change my sex just for fun!". Its also not a mental illness, its more a birth defect because your body isn't matching what your mind is telling you. Your whole expression is in conflict with your body.

There is a world of difference between sex and gender, something people often confuse. Sex is more to do with biology and procreation. Gender is about expression, roles and is also cultural. Until this fundamental difference is understood, anything else trans related is not going to be understood.

Being a Reverend also does not conflict, Jesus himself said "love your neighbour as yourself" he did not add "except for........". Everyday I strive to accept and love people regardless of their backgrounds, faith, sexuality, gender, race etc etc. Love is the important thing.

Keep politics out of faith

Its not easy living in these modern times with ideas, thoughts or faith. I have often felt it a struggle to live my life in line with my beliefs. Everyday I create a world around me that is in line with my beliefs. Its understandable that people have different points of view surrounding their faith but does that mean we have to drag politics into this?

We all have different directions in the way our faith takes us and its not always going to agree with everybody. The way I see it is our basic aims are the same and the most important aspect is love. Love for one another, our families our friends and the people we meet everyday whilst going about our lives.

The minute you put politics into faith this collapses and causes pain, frustration, in - fighting and splits. Is there really any need for this? I say not, we need to strive to work together, peacefully and with love. If what we need to achieve is not in accord with a particular individual member or group then what is stopping us researching our own path? Or indeed following our own directions?

Its time to create a world where politics doesn't undo good works, loving actions or directions. It is time we stopped bickering and pulled together. Love is the most important thing we can embrace, love is the most important thing we can have, love is the most important thing we can give.