Sunday, 14 December 2008

Keep politics out of faith

Its not easy living in these modern times with ideas, thoughts or faith. I have often felt it a struggle to live my life in line with my beliefs. Everyday I create a world around me that is in line with my beliefs. Its understandable that people have different points of view surrounding their faith but does that mean we have to drag politics into this?

We all have different directions in the way our faith takes us and its not always going to agree with everybody. The way I see it is our basic aims are the same and the most important aspect is love. Love for one another, our families our friends and the people we meet everyday whilst going about our lives.

The minute you put politics into faith this collapses and causes pain, frustration, in - fighting and splits. Is there really any need for this? I say not, we need to strive to work together, peacefully and with love. If what we need to achieve is not in accord with a particular individual member or group then what is stopping us researching our own path? Or indeed following our own directions?

Its time to create a world where politics doesn't undo good works, loving actions or directions. It is time we stopped bickering and pulled together. Love is the most important thing we can embrace, love is the most important thing we can have, love is the most important thing we can give.

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