Thursday, 18 December 2008


A Friend of mine recently put in her status on Facebook " Some people should look up the definition of friendship ". At first I took this light heartedly and put the dictionary definition in the comments section. It was my attempt at humour but it did get me questioning, just what is friendship ?

What do I think friendship is all about? I think it is someone who is there for you, even if its just a few notes on Facebook to let them know you are thinking about them. A friend is someone who checks in with you just to see how things are going. A close friend deeply cares about how your life is going and will move heaven and earth just to extend that hand of friendship when you need it the most. Sometimes this is just talking to the wee small hours in the morning even though you have work the next day.

A friend is someone you choose to be around and with, unlike your family who is always there, whether you talk to them or not. A friend is someone who becomes part of your closest circle and shares intimate details about you and never uses them against you. A friend is a good listener and a good companion. Friends come and go but all are important to your life because they shape who you are and shape the life you lead.

I also asked myself what does my friendship mean to other people? Its not an easy question to answer but it is probably at least in part the things I have already written about. It could be in one or two cases that my friendship has prevented them from taking their own life. It could be that they always have someone to turn to or simply to have a laugh or a good night out with. Maybe I will never know, all I can do is continue to be a friend.

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  1. And you shall continue to be a friend for a long time to come I hope.

    Can I say that you forgot to mention that a friend is also someone that you may have not been in touch with for long periods of time but the second you speak to them again its like there has been no time lost inbetween. Someone who doesnt count the hours they listen for, or worry about the hours they talk for, because a friend will understand.