Sunday, 14 December 2008

I'm a Trans Reverand

Now I don't want to lay claim to being the first or only Trans Man who has become a Reverend but I am the only one I know. I would love to here if there are any other Trans Reverends out their and share our experiences. Are there any Trans women who have become reverends? Anyone who considers themselves to be genderqueer? Or indeed anyone who comes under the transgender umbrella?

I find people are often surprised to hear that I am both trans and a Reverend, somehow they seem to think that the two don't go together. I say anything is possible, your faith is all important as is love. Love is the central theme to all religions and faiths and is NOT exclusive. In my mind it is all inclusive.

I realise I am opening myself up from all kinds of abuse, especially since trans issues are so totally misunderstood by many people. People often see being trans is a lifestyle choice and often that its all about sex. The label transsexual does little to help this, which is why I use trans to describe myself and those like myself.

A trans person does not wake up one day saying "you know life isn't hard enough I think I will wear a dress" nor does a trans person say" hmmm i wonder what it would be like if I change my sex just for fun!". Its also not a mental illness, its more a birth defect because your body isn't matching what your mind is telling you. Your whole expression is in conflict with your body.

There is a world of difference between sex and gender, something people often confuse. Sex is more to do with biology and procreation. Gender is about expression, roles and is also cultural. Until this fundamental difference is understood, anything else trans related is not going to be understood.

Being a Reverend also does not conflict, Jesus himself said "love your neighbour as yourself" he did not add "except for........". Everyday I strive to accept and love people regardless of their backgrounds, faith, sexuality, gender, race etc etc. Love is the important thing.

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  1. Yep, there's definitely other trans ministers... myself included. There's a local one here at the Unitarian Universalist church, as well as one or two I know that are FB or Myspace friends of mine.

    Michael Brown (found this site through your FB profile page)