Monday, 5 January 2009

Birthday of Guru Gorbind Singh

Today marks the birthday of Gorbind Singh who was the tenth Guru of the Sikhs at the age of nine. The most notable of his acts was to introduce the Khalsa, the most important event in Sikh history.

Guru Gobind Singh instructed his Sikhs to become caste less and no longer to perform either Hindu or Muslim superstition of any kind. In the new order the lowest and the highest rank will be bhai (brother). There would be no more pilgrimages or austerities but the pure life of the household, which should be sacrificed at the call of the Dharma. There would be no more wearing of the purdah (veil) for women who would now be equal to men in every way. Neither would widows be burned alive on the pyre of their spouse (sati).

He spoke of the five K's that Sikhs should observe in dedication to his ideal :-

Kesh: Hair unshorn representation of saintliness.
Kangha: a comb to keep it clean and untangled.
Kara: a steel bracelet to denote one universal God.
Kacchha: a piece of practical wear to denote modesty.
Kirpan: a steel dagger for your defence.

Smoking being an unclean and injurious habit, you will forswear. You will love the weapons of war, be excellent horsemen, marksmen and wielders of the sword, the discus and the spear. Physical prowess will be as sacred to you as spiritual sensitivity. And, between the Hindus and Muslims, you will act as a bridge, and serve the poor without distinction of caste, colour, country or creed. My Khalsa shall always defend the poor, and Deg (community kitchen) will be as much an essential part of your order as Teg (the sword). And, from now onwards Sikh males will call themselves 'Singh' and women 'Kaur' and greet each other with 'Waheguruji ka Khalsa, Waheguruji ki fateh (The Khalsa belongs to God; victory belongs to God).

This information has been taken from Wikipedia, for a full account of Guru Gorbind Singh, please click on the link

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